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IN HER BURNING is an eight episode narrative podcast series set in a dark, fictional world composed by audio diaries. In an isolated society, teenage Erith has been chosen for Polishing, a ritualistic surgery that erases one's irises so the individual may see the Volucris—strange and enigmatic creatures that live in an alternate realm only visible to the Polished. She discovers a new, haunting reality after her procedure that warps light into darkness and reveals hidden secrets about the world. As she progresses, she and her companion, Calyx, discover frightening truths about the Polished and realize they are in danger of losing themselves to the changes Polishing inflicts on the mind.

Re-recording Mixer. SFX Editor. Music Editor.

2018 Audio Verse Awards - Best Audio Engineering of a Self-Contained, Dramatic Production

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After a lifetime of work, a NASA scientist discovers the importance of Earth's other voices in his quest to communicate with alien life.

Re-recording Mixer

2019 Southeast Emmy® Student Production nominee in Audio/Sound


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STAGE 5 is a feature film that chronicles Zeke and Andrew's journeys as they come together through terminal disease and their respective ways of dealing with life as they now know it.

Location Mixer. Sound Supervisor. (One man sound team)

This project is unique audio wise by the fact that in less than a year's time, I completed all of the location and every part of the post sound production solely by myself. It is a project that I am deeply proud of and learned immensely from.

The below tracking sequence features a plethora of sound design that continually immerses the audience in the characters' mind as his emotions evolve throughout the scene.

(5.1 surround down mixed into stereo)

The below flashback scene features location audio that I recorded on set.

(5.1 surround down mixed into stereo)


Music video for the band New Movement out of Indianapolis, IN.

Sound Design. Re-recording Mixer.


BREAK DOWN is a short that follows two sisters who end up in an unfortunate, twisted predicament.

SFX Editor. Music Editor. Re-recording Mixer.

The entire short was mixed with production audio and sweetened with SFX and music. The below segment features the challenge I faced as a mixer by fixing the production audio captured on set that had a different volume level and sound to the cicadas in the background within every camera angle.


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DYSCRASIA is a psychological thriller/horror that explores the mind of a young woman as she undergoes a traumatic event.

SFX Editor. Assistant Sound Mixer.

The below segment highlights some of my SFX editing work.


POOL PARTY is about bad people doing bad things, badly.

Foley Supvervisor/Engineer. Foley Editor/Mixer. 

The below segment highlights some of my foley editing/mixing.


21ST CENTURY is a commercial that was part of a 2015 commercial campaign for Ball State University that was produced, shot, and edited entirely by Ball State students. The commercials were aired both locally and nationally.

Location Mixer. Sound Supervisor. Re-recording Mixer.

Student Golden Addy Award - AAF ECI 2016 - Television Advertising